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Fostering Opportunities

Opening your home to one of our kitties helps us focus on other kitties in need. We will give you everything you need to be successful and to take care of the kitty including training.  Here are some of the things to consider before opening your home and your heart to one of our kitties.

🐾 What does fostering involve? 🐾

Fostering a cat involves providing a safe and loving environment for a cat or kitten until they find their forever homes. As a foster parent, you will receive support and guidance from our experienced team, as well as any necessary supplies, food, and veterinary care. Fostering can range from a few weeks to a few months, depending on the individual cat's needs. Your role will be pivotal in helping these cats transition from their previous situations to a brighter future.

🐾 Why Foster? 🐾

Make a significant difference in the life of a cat by providing them with a nurturing

and stable environment. Help prepare cats for adoption by socializing, playing,

and providing love and attention.
Experience the joy and fulfillment of seeing a cat thrive and find their forever home.
Flexibility: Fostering can fit into your lifestyle, whether you work full-time,

have a family, or other commitments.
Learn about cat care and behavior from our knowledgeable team.

🐾 How Can You Help? 🐾

If you're ready to open your home to a cat in need, or if you have any questions about fostering, please reach out to us at 207-745-3604 or email at Our team will provide you with all the details and guide you through the foster application process. Even if you're unable to foster at this time, you can still make a difference by sharing this information and spreading the word. Together, we can give these cats a second chance at a happy and fulfilling life.

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